eggZ Compact Stroller Feather (Arriving End March)

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The eggZ is big stroller features and functionality, in a small package. 

At egg® they have always been smitten with the smallest of details. That button; this stitch of fabric, those buckle clasps, the treads on that tyre.

It’s the dozens of tiny individual decisions that make the complete finished product so perfect. After all, everything they do is based on looking after babies, the smallest of people, so every miniscule part is important and makes a difference.

When they had the big idea to create another egg® stroller they asked how small can we go?

There are lots of tiny strollers available though, so they tweaked the question – how small can they go without compromising the luxury, convenience and safety that the egg brand offers.

The answer is...eggZ®

They started with everything that is loved about the larger egg2® stroller; such as the easy push and smooth ride, the exquisite tailoring of the fabrics, the curves of the chassis. Then they focussed on maintaining the maximum comfort for your precious passenger and the ease of use that has become one of our hallmarks.

The end result is big stroller features and functionality, in a small package – they are very proud to introduce eggZ® and invite you to explore perfection with them.

Chassis, Basket & Wheels

A unique curved chassis profile invites the very clever z-fold system that is at the heart of the stroller. A deceptively simple one-hand process using discrete buttons on the hand-stitched handlebar ends with a small freestanding fold. The handlebar area also houses two convenient hooks for hanging your backpack.

The extendable basket offers great length and depth on such a small stroller and can easily fit everything you need for your next expedition or offers more than enough space to bring back the groceries.

Compact puncture free tyres feature a unique egg-shaped tread pattern, with the stroller leaving its mark wherever it goes. Designed for superior handling and the optimum smooth ride, eggZ® has been fitted with puncture free PU tyres as standard. The brake pedal is flip flop friendly with an extra visual ‘traffic light’ green and red indicator.


Handle height 103cm & fold mechanism – hand stitched

Backpack bag hooks on either side

Three-position recline, suitable from birth

Iconic egg central hub

All-round suspension, with quick release rear wheels

Spacious shopping basket

Swivel front wheels

Two position calf adjustment

Removable gated hand stitched bumper bar

Five-point magnetic safety harness

Large extendable canopy with UPF 50+ protection and

ventilation window

Flip-flop friendly break with traffic light indicator

Easy one hand recline mechanism

Wipe clean calf rest

Removable headrest

Integrated footrest

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