Alex's Work Bench

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  • A sturdy toy work bench complete with 12 accessories
  • This role play toy encourages creative, imaginative fun through scenario and social play
  • Can be played interactively, this develops turn taking skills, language and speech development as well social interaction
  • Toy has clock incorporated in design which encourages number recognition and practice telling the time
  • Made from re-purposed Rubberwood that we pledge to replant for every tree used, investing in sustainable play for generations to come
  • Le Toy Van puts the safety of your child first - we test our toys to the highest standards and decorate with non-toxic paints 


Let's fix it! Alex's Work Bench is a sturdy workbench complete with 12 accessories: a saw, a hammer, a screw driver, a spanner, a spirit level, 2 bolts, 2 screws, 2 nails and a piece of wood. The base is equipped with a flatbed circular saw, a measuring gauge and a vice. The back wall features a shelf to tidy the tools and a hook for the saw, with the saw outline printed on the back. Art work also features a clock with movable hands, a portable radio and pliers. The back board is painted in a dark grey colour and can be used as a chalk board to write a to do list. The underneath storage shelf is great to store all the bits waiting to be fixed.  Encourages hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and critical thinking.