BabyStyle Prestige Isofix Base - For BabyStyle Prestige Car Seat

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The BabyStyle Prestige Isofix base is a saftey base designed to make fitting your Babystyle Car seat quicker and safer. The Babystyle Prestige isofix base will work wirth your Babystyle Prestige Car seat only. You can install the base using a seat belt or using the isofix base points on your vehicle. The car seat clicks in to the base in a few seconds and there is a quick release button to unlock the car seat from the base. 

The Babystyle Prestige isofix base is compatible with most vehicles with Isofix base points, if you are un sure please give us a call. 

  • Compatible with the Prestige 2 & 3 car seats
  • Connects to the cars ISOFIX anchor points
  • Creates a stable & safer connection
  • Ensures there is no wobbling or unstable connection
  • Load leg provides extra stability

Delivery of Your BabyStyle Prestige Isofix Base 

Delivery of your Babystyle Prestige isofix base is around 2-5 Working Days. We will keep you notified via text message regarding your delivery. Our friendly staff are on hand to help if you have any questions regarding the installation. 

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