Las Dos Rosas Car Air Freshener Lemon & Caramel

Las Dos Rosas Car Air Freshener Lemon & Caramel

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The Las Dos Rosas Car Air Freshener range is like nothing you will ever have experienced before.  Forget about those cheap air freshener trees the car wash give you.  These car air fresheners are another level and really completely infuse your car with a genuine and gorgeous fragrance like you will not have known before.

To use, simply unscrew the wooden cork cap and remove the plastic stopper on the bottle.  Re-screw the wooden cap back on the bottle, tip upside down for around 20 seconds and hang on your car mirror.  Within seconds you will notice the smell completely infuse the air and it really is a talking point in your car.  Unlike some other strong air fresheners these are naturally made with natural fruits and extracts, meaning there are no nasty chemicals that cause migraines and headaches like some car air fresheners can.

These although are small, don't be deceived!  These last around 2 whole weeks in your car, and every time you get in the car you will not fail to know it is there!  


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