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Bellos Boutique GDPR Policy


1. **Introduction:**

   Bellos Boutique is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal data.


2. **Data Collection:**

   - We collect and process personal data only for specified and lawful purposes.

   - Data collected is relevant, adequate, and not excessive for the intended purposes.


3. **Consent:**

   - We obtain explicit consent before processing personal data, clearly stating the purpose.


4. **Data Accuracy:**

   - We take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of personal data and update it when necessary.


5. **Data Storage:**

   - Personal data is stored securely, with access restricted to authorized personnel.


6. **Data Transfer:**

   - Personal data is transferred securely, ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements.


7. **Data Subject Rights:**

   - Individuals have the right to access, correct, and request the erasure of their personal data.


8. **Data Breach Response:**

   - We have procedures in place to detect, report, and investigate any personal data breaches.


9. **Data Protection Officer (DPO):**

   Bellos Boutique has appointed a Data Protection Officer to oversee GDPR compliance.


10. **Training:**

    - Our staff is trained on GDPR principles and practices to ensure proper handling of personal data.


11. **Data Processing Records:**

    - We maintain records of our data processing activities to demonstrate GDPR compliance.


12. **Privacy by Design:**

    - We integrate data protection measures into our processes and systems from the outset.


13. **Third-Party Processing:**

    - We assess and ensure that third-party processors comply with GDPR standards.


14. **Data Retention:**

    - Personal data is retained for the minimum necessary period and securely disposed of when no longer needed.


15. **Review and Update:**

    - This policy is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in legislation or business practices.


By adhering to this GDPR policy, Bellos Boutique aims to ensure the protection of personal data and uphold the rights of individuals as mandated by the General Data Protection Regulation.