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MAM Milk Powder Box Pink

MAM Milk Powder Box Pink

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MAM Milk Powder Box Pink
Designed to offer active parents a convenient feeding solution while away from home, the MAM Milk Powder Box is a portable, 
lightweight storage container that safely holds three separate servings of powdered milk or formula.

Thanks to the MAM Milk Powder Boxes unique triangular shape, parents can quickly and easily pour all formula into babies bottle without leaving any residue behind.

The spill-proof lid features three easy to open snap covers at each corner, allowing for the complete and quick pouring of powder with no mess.

Its sleek, flat design fits into every shape of bag making it extra convenient. 

The extra large storage compartments safely hold up to three servings of powder and the clear base allows parents to easily view the containers contents at all times.

Like all MAM products, the storage container is BPA, PVC, lead-free and dishwasher and microwave-safe.

The MAM Milk Powder Box can also be safely sterilised at high heat.


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